Friday, 26 October 2007

The Legendary Cath

Progress on the sock has been very reasonable. I've done about 13cm or so, and let joy be unbound, the striping pretty much matches up. Can't say I enjoy a 2 hour commute to work, but the sock has certainly assisted in easing the woe.

This is my 3rd pair of socks ever. When I first starting knitting, I really wanted to be able to do socks - I taught myself to knit in the round, I looked at dozens of (American) patterns, and I couldn't get my head round the technique of turning a heel at all. Short row shaping I could handle, but what is a gusset and what does it do?

Fortunately, my brother had the good sense to get engaged to a girl whose grandmother knits. The gran is a lovely lady, she is the Legendary Cath, and over tea and biscuits one afternoon she taught me to turn a heel, in about 1/2 an hour. She gave me a set of three patterns (a plain sock, a ribbed sock - which is the pattern I'm using for the sock above - and a "fancy" lace sock, which I have knitted already for myself). The pattern must be from the 1970s but I understand it - and consequently I can apply it to any sock pattern out there. Thank you Cath - I still owe you that Sunday lunch we talked about, hopefully the hip replacement has now settled and we can get you up the stairs to my flat!

Today is pay day, and let joy be unbound part 2, I have bought the Sublime kid mohair. It was the cheapest I have seen it on the internet, although I'm not necessarily guaranteed the colour I wanted. That said, I would happily wear any of the colours on offer, so not a problem. Can't wait to get going with it...

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