Wednesday, 19 March 2008


There are many things in life I'm happy for. P, my house, my job, my enormous CD collection, stuff like that. Today, I'm happy for the Superted I knitted! Here he is, in all his Super 8 inch high glory.
P must talk about my knitting at work - I don't generally make him stuff, I'm aware that he needs to remain pretty cool at all times (what with running a record shop and all) so I don't generally bless him with knitted gifts. Anyway, he must've spoken about it to his boss, and she gave him the pattern for Superted (out of a magazine or paper or something, I've only got the one page so I have no idea where it came from). I made him with yarn from the stash (acrylic nasty DK on 5mm needles), so he didn't cost me a penny - I even had the stuffing (and still I am left with a huge amount of stuffing... must make more Superteds!). He will soon be flying off to join P as the shop's mascot!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Tiny Clothes for Tiny People

I made a hat and booties (so far) for my friend Soph's baby. I am planning a jumper to match (in the cable pattern), which I'm intending to cast on, as soon as I've finished a tiny little secret project I have on the needles right now - I cast on for it last night, and fully expect it to be done tonight. It's so damn cool I can hardly contain myself, I hope it rocks as much when it's done as I imagine it's going to. I will not reveal today what it is... but soon.
So the baby stuff. Looking at the hat and booties (which I'm really pleased with - as ever my photography leaves a lot to be desired but you get the idea...) despite them being neutral baby white, it does look a bit girly... Soph isn't finding out the sex of the baby, so if it is a boy, he may end up with early gender issues if she puts him in these. I will speak privately with the child when its older and apologise profusely.
I knit this using some super soft baby DK and 3mm needles, and the pattern is from The Art of Knitting magazine. Hat took about 4 hours, booties an hour each. I love knitting tiny things that get finished quickly...

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Spinning Many Plates

A quick pictureless post today, just for the sake of an update. I have many, many projects on the go right now - and not enough done on any of them to warrant pictorial evidence.
1. Cricket socks - I'm making a pair of socks for P (as he plays cricket every summer), in his club's colours. They are my "zombie knitting" project (ie. the one where you don't have to follow a pattern, or actually think about what you're doing. Perfect for late at night...or after a couple of glasses of wine). I'm about 3 inches in.
2. Mum's 60th birthday wrap - I've ditched clapotis completely now, and I'm working on a feather and fan patterned wrap with the silky wool for my mother's 60th birthday (which fortunately is in October, so plenty of time). It's coming out beautifully, if not a little slow, but I'll definitely photograph it for next time. I'm about 5 inches in - and I'm not convinced I'm going to have enough yarn to finish it. No matter, I can buy more.
3. Baby stuff - I've known about my friend Soph's pregnancy since January. And it only occurred to me a couple of weeks ago that I should really knit her something (I am a disgrace to knitters everywhere, I am well aware). I invested in some white baby DK (which is so soft it's like kittens!) which was on sale, so I got like 500 grams for about 7.50. I've made booties (yet to be seamed), and I'm cracking on with a cabled hat. I've knitted the pattern before, so I know what to expect. I'm also making the matching jumper, it's going to be so cute. I am trying not to get broody myself... it scares P.