Thursday, 13 March 2008

Spinning Many Plates

A quick pictureless post today, just for the sake of an update. I have many, many projects on the go right now - and not enough done on any of them to warrant pictorial evidence.
1. Cricket socks - I'm making a pair of socks for P (as he plays cricket every summer), in his club's colours. They are my "zombie knitting" project (ie. the one where you don't have to follow a pattern, or actually think about what you're doing. Perfect for late at night...or after a couple of glasses of wine). I'm about 3 inches in.
2. Mum's 60th birthday wrap - I've ditched clapotis completely now, and I'm working on a feather and fan patterned wrap with the silky wool for my mother's 60th birthday (which fortunately is in October, so plenty of time). It's coming out beautifully, if not a little slow, but I'll definitely photograph it for next time. I'm about 5 inches in - and I'm not convinced I'm going to have enough yarn to finish it. No matter, I can buy more.
3. Baby stuff - I've known about my friend Soph's pregnancy since January. And it only occurred to me a couple of weeks ago that I should really knit her something (I am a disgrace to knitters everywhere, I am well aware). I invested in some white baby DK (which is so soft it's like kittens!) which was on sale, so I got like 500 grams for about 7.50. I've made booties (yet to be seamed), and I'm cracking on with a cabled hat. I've knitted the pattern before, so I know what to expect. I'm also making the matching jumper, it's going to be so cute. I am trying not to get broody myself... it scares P.

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