Wednesday, 19 March 2008


There are many things in life I'm happy for. P, my house, my job, my enormous CD collection, stuff like that. Today, I'm happy for the Superted I knitted! Here he is, in all his Super 8 inch high glory.
P must talk about my knitting at work - I don't generally make him stuff, I'm aware that he needs to remain pretty cool at all times (what with running a record shop and all) so I don't generally bless him with knitted gifts. Anyway, he must've spoken about it to his boss, and she gave him the pattern for Superted (out of a magazine or paper or something, I've only got the one page so I have no idea where it came from). I made him with yarn from the stash (acrylic nasty DK on 5mm needles), so he didn't cost me a penny - I even had the stuffing (and still I am left with a huge amount of stuffing... must make more Superteds!). He will soon be flying off to join P as the shop's mascot!

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