Tuesday, 23 October 2007

I Knit Weird

The sock is under way (here it is on the left), and I've made good progress so far. This is my only opportunity to blog this week as I'm commuting to London until Friday, and I'm not allowed to blog in the office (and too knackered to do it in the evenings), so there will most likely be a great deal more progress next time.

I've noticed that I hold the needles in my right hand in a really weird way. This has happened unconciously - not because holding needles in the traditional way is a problem for me, it just seems to work better if I grip between my first and middle fingers.

"The Claw" - I fail to see a real problem with "the Claw Method". The knitting happens, it happens pretty quick, so the end result is the same. I don't remember when this started, I've knit things on 15mm needles before and I'm sure I can't possibly hold them like this. I'm not sure from this photo whether I'm quite in the "pinky up" position... it would be lovely to think I knit a bit camp.
Sometimes I end up with a bit of hand cramp, but who's to say I wouldn't get that with holding the needles in the standard way? Maybe this is why I can't crochet... can't hold the needle properly?
It is now 2 days until payday, which means 2 days until I spend lots of money on Sublime Kid Mohair for the Art of Knitting cardigan. We will starve if needs be, I must have that yarn.

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