Thursday, 18 October 2007

Blooming Bag Pattern

Yarn: Ry Soft Lux in Clover, 64% extra fine merino wool, 10% angora, 24% nylon, 2% metallic fibre.

Needles: 6mm
Finished Size: 14" by 9"
How to make it:

Cast on 56 st
K 5 rows
Row 1: K5, P to last 5 st, K5
Row 2: K
Repeat rows 1 & 2 until 55 rows have been worked.
K the next 19 rows
Repeat rows 1 & 2 until a further 95 rows have been worked (I find placing a stitch marker at either end of the 60th row helps with seaming)
K 5 rows
Bind off.
Fold and seam (inside out) from beginning to stitch markers.

Strap: Cast on 6 stitches and knit until strap measures 50 inches, sew to side seams inside bag.

Felting: Fill sink with hottest tap water - submerge bag. Start agitating bag with hands. Scream in agony due to hotness of water. Attack bag in fit of rage with potato masher. Mash bag in hot water, screaming obscenities for about 15 mins or until it looks felted. Squeeze out excess water, stuff with a towel, leave to dry.

Flowers: I got the pattern from this nice lady (link below) - I made three and just sewed them on after felting it.

I didn't line the bag, but I only intend to use it for light use (ie. transporting some cash to the pub, and less cash back). I was pleased with how this turned out, feel free to make it if you can follow my crap directions.

Following yesterday's post, I spent all of about 2 seconds deciding on the next project - the sock won. I've got to commute to London for a week next week, and double pointed needles appear to be a bit more train friendly than hulking great straights.

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