Tuesday, 16 October 2007

If you blog and no one is reading, does it make a sound?

After two years of knitting, and finally getting reasonably good at it, I have decided to run a blog. It seems to be the thing to do these days, and I read enough of them... I want to join in. I am a realist - I am aware that it's only going to be me reading it for now. But one day, someone might have look and wonder who the hell I am. Hence this post of introduction.

Here I am, I am Sam, in my green stripey hat (but featuring no eggs and ham this time) and surprisingly coordinating t-shirt. This is rare and will not happen often, I usually follow the "complete mess" style of clothing where nothing matches and something is usually held up by a safety pin or bit of string.

Here's a bit of biography - I'm (currently) 28 but have plans to get older, I live in Surrey (UK) with my husband (P) and no children. I do not own a cat but that is only because I can't be bothered sweeping up hair - both me and P have long rock star hair which is enough for any household. I work (from home) for a relocation company, it's pretty dull but the money is OK. I like music, gigs (P is in a punk band), festivals, cooking and knitting. Lotsa knitting.

I am at present blocking a bag that I knitted last week and felted today. I made up the pattern so I'll post it when I have a picture of the bag (which will be a phone picture I'm afraid, as is apparent from the picture of me... it's the closest I have to a proper digital camera). I will also post my felting method - I'm totally new to felting so again I made it up as I went along.

I suppose the main reason I'm starting to blog is to get in touch with some other knitters, for advice, yarn swopping and generally chatting about knitting. Plus I like to write, and long hand diaries are so 20th century.

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