Friday, 25 January 2008

Say It With Mice

Nothing says "thanks for giving us a gorgeous cat" like knitted cat nip mice. As ever, my photography is poor - but you can get the idea. I found the pattern on someone's blog somewhere - not one I regularly read, but they took about 10 minutes each to make. I modified the pattern slightly to make ears.

I've stuffed them with teddy bear stuffing - in the middle of each ball of stuffing is a cat nip heart, so they turn cats orgasmic. At the very top of the picture you can see a black triangle - George's ear - and the white blur by the purple mouse's tail is his paw, shortly before he pulled it out of the picture. The cats home are now only getting four meeces - George has claimed Mr Lilac as his own. They look a bit shabby in this picture (particularly the seams) but I wasn't being that fussy with them, and they actually look pretty cool in the flesh (or wool). I'll be sending them to the Milborne (Milburn?) Animal Centre together with a letter and picture of George this weekend.

Speaking of George - I finally got him to sit still long enough to pose for this picture (he is so lovely I'm sure it will eventually be part of his supermodelling portfolio). He's starting to settle in now - having spent most of this week under our bed, today he's been prowling around and napping in his own bed. Right now he's motoring around the living room after Mr Lilac - proving that missing a leg doesn't hamper his fun at all.

The yarn I bought for clapotis (and subsequently started knitting place mats with) is now destined for greater things. Reading up about the yarn on the internet, apparently it felts really well - so I'm knitting a simple bucket bag which I'm going to try felting in the washing machine. Currently about 75% through it - pictures next time.

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