Friday, 4 January 2008

Goodbye to Christmas

Naturally, my Christmas rocked. All of it was spent with friends and family, my husband spoiled me rotten (and I him), and we got some really nice things for our house from our relatives. There was much food, much carolling, more alcohol than I care to remember just now... just the way Christmas should be.

The Twilleys was not forthcoming. I went to my parents' place on Boxing Day, equiped (just in case) with all the relevent needles and pattern for the Twilleys Cardi, convinced that the yarn would be in one of the boxes with my name on it. Sadly no - the parents could not work out the weight of yarn I was after, but bless them forever for trying. My mother did knit me a scarf - one of those eyelash ones, it's gorgeous and the colour (burgundy and green varigated) is so festive. I hate knitting with eyelash yarn - I find it doesn't behave itself - Ma had bought me the yarn to knit it myself, but I must've mentioned I hate knitting with it, so she did it for me. It is my first hand knit gift, and it's so lovely - I like it all the more that I didn't have to do it myself!

My mother in law got me a knitting doll. It made me chuckle, just because of what it is and how it looks, but it actually has a practical application for making i-cords. So everything I knit from now on will be adorned with i-cord!

Now I'm thinking about the next project. I haven't picked up any knitting at all over Christmas, so I think a larger project would now be in order. I do have a sock and a boring black glove for P on the needles (having managed to knit the other glove in 2 days...) I'm trying to get my head around the pattern for Clapotis - it's one of these things everyone needs to knit at least once. I won't commit to buying yarn until I have had a go with a swatch...

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