Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Knitting for Knitting's Sake

Here we are, less than a week before Christmas. A time where knitters world wide are usually found sobbing into their skeins of merino, completely aware that they are not going to finish that shawl for Aunty Mary in time.

Not me. I knitted a hat. It's the Unoriginal Hat by the Yarn Harlot (www.yarnharlot.ca), and I knitted it with King Cole Aero on 7mm needles. I have been meaning to knit this since I first saw it on Stephanie's blog - my first attempt ended up as a neck warmer as I ran out of yarn halfway through (a very effective neck warmer, however). Undeterred, I bought more yarn and knitted it again.

I love this pattern. I knitted it in a day (which always makes me feel good - there is no opportunity to lose interest in the project or the yarn, and something might actually get finished). I love cables anyway - and I got hold of a lovely set of cable needles on Friday that my mother was throwing out. Silly girl.

Nice hat, finished in time for Christmas - surely it would make a great gift? Of course - except that I can't think of anyone to give it to. No one. I think it looks pretty boyish, despite the cables, and I can't think of a single guy that could do with (ie. actually use) a hat. So essentially, I've knitted this for no good reason. Knitting for knitting's sake. Surely the best kind!?

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