Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Mixed Feelings

Have to admit... I'm slightly disappointed with the outcome of the Mohair cardi. The fit of it just isn't right on me. Maybe it's my body shape that doesn't suit the garment rather than vice versa... either way, it's a bit boxy.

I like the style. I adore the yarn. I love the ribbon round the edging (which I would definitely include on other garments). I think the main problem with this for me is the length - I followed the pattern to the letter and I think I could've done with adding 2 inches to the length all round.

All of that said - this is the first real item of clothing I've tried to knit, and it's come out cardigan shaped and I could wear it out, so I'm not deeply upset with it. Lessons have been learned.
The pattern is from The Art of Knitting magazine (you can probably subscribe if you look up "Hatchette Partworks" on Google... it's a good series of magazines for a beginner knitter, which I am, but frankly some of the patterns are so easy my husband could probably knit them - and this a man who suggested we improvise chop sticks from my needles...)
The yarn is Sublime Kid Mohair (colour is Venetian Green) which is gorgeous and I would like to be buried in a pile of it. I used 6mm needles which explains why it took me less than a month to knit. I got the ribbon from Army and Navy haberdashery (it was something like 40p a metre. I have no idea what colour it is or anything, but it's about 1/2 a centimetre in width).
So I've forged straight on with a stocking decoration I'm knitting for Christmas. The pattern is my own, so it'll feature here in the next day or so. I'm knitting it with old nasty acrylic bought ages ago (no point on wasting good yarn on a project that will essentially see the light of day once a year). I had a bit of red left, a full ball of yellow, and some white all in DK weight, now I'm half way through the stocking and I'm not sure I have enough yarn to even finish it! Time will tell...!

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