Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Knitting Buckets

So I'm knitting some sort of big red bucket. This thing has begun to spiral out of control (as my knitting tends to) - I started with a pattern (free on the interweb, as most of the stuff I knit tends to be) and messed around with it.

This one involves knitting a rectangle (done), picking up all the stitches round it (done) and then knitting in the round in plain stockinette until you have a bag (doing). The picture here looks pretty good to me (although the bag only just fitted in the tiny square of sunshine I have in my flat at this time of day), but it just feels like it wants to be a bit longer - so I'm going to give it another inch or two before casting off.

Then I'm going to felt it. In a pillowcase in the washing machine, like you're supposed to. Then I'm going to block it by filling it with old videos. Because they fit, that's why.

I have no idea what I'm going to do about straps/handles - I'll play with it when I cast off and see what works best. I have an idea about embroidering it after felting, although I'll make decisions about this when it's done and I can see what I'm dealing with!

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