Thursday, 15 November 2007

Finished Socks of Rock

Another finished item (or in this case, items) to add to the pile! The socks are done, here they are in all their glory on my feet.

These were quick to knit, and the yarn is fabulous. It was my first experiment with self striping yarn and I was pleased with the result, and pleasantly surprised that I managed to get the different colours to pretty much match up. Where there are differences, I'm also happy, as it just makes them look a bit more hand made.

A close up to give a better idea of the pattern of the yarn. The sock pattern itself wasn't much of a challenge - it's a 2x2 rib all the way down, but in my defence, I'm still new to socks so all the fun is in turning the heel etc. for me at the moment.

I used 3mm needles, Regia yarn (the ball band is in German so I'm not entirely sure of the name of the colour... "Jacquard" I think?), and the Legendary Cath's 70's sock pattern. They will be a Christmas present, although I'm not sure who the lucky recipient is... probably my Uncle in Law. Or my Grandfather (who often mentions how he would wear hand knit wool socks back during his years in the navy for weeks at a time, without his feet becoming sweaty or smelly or anything. Bearing in mind my entire immediate family have the worst smelling, sweatiest feet in the world - we're not proud, but hell, we're realists - this is an impressive boast, and makes us all very jealous).

As with every sock I've ever knitted - it was enjoyable during the knitting, but I'm delighted to get them done... now back to the Mohair cardi full time.

I finished the left front last week (in one day!), and cast on the right front. Then I decided to get a nasty cold and put it down for a few days. I shall be picking it up again today or tomorrow - whilst I'm not going to set myself a firm deadline, I would like to get it done in the next 2 weeks. Watch this space!

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