Sunday, 26 April 2009

Operation "Use Up All My Crappy Yarn"...

... has begun!

I have made three hats so far (two pictured here - the third is less cute and pretty so I haven't taken a picture just yet). I knit basic 2/2 rib for an inch or so over 60 stitches, then plain stockinette (so knitting every row) alternating yarns in stripes (four rows of the light pink, then two rows white, then four rows dark pink, two white, etc.). I have knitted the flower I used to embelish the "girlie" hat for a few different things, the pattern is in the miscellaneous folder at I doubled up the yarn and just backstitched the anchor on the "boyish" hat (although to be fair, I have seen far more anchory anchors than this one... !)

They are tiny so would suit newborns to about 3 months. I'm going to build up a bit of a stock and then try to sell them at work, or maybe on ebay.

Knitting the baby hats made me think about hats in general. So I've cast on for one for me (like I need another hat). This one is a copy of a style of hat that's really in at the moment - ribbed at the bottom then a lace pattern for the body of the hat, which is knit too long so sits quite baggy on the back of the head when you're wearing it. I'm using a lace pattern from the Legendary Cath's sock patterns collection, knitting over 104 stitches in the round. I started off using a circular needle and found myself in all sorts of trouble, messing up the pattern and losing count and it was all just too traumatic, I've changed to DPNs and magically all the problems I was having have disappeared!

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