Wednesday, 30 April 2008

All I Want Is A Tiger Hat For Nickmas

They say that Nickmas comes but once a year... well Chez Us it does, in any case. My brother in law, Nick, has been away in Tasmania for 6 months. Apparently Christmas over the barbeque rocked, but it just wasn't the same as Christmas in the UK (cold, usually rainy, everyone asleep by 5pm because we've eaten so much). So we had Christmas last week - since it was in his honour, we named it especially for Nick - NICKMAS.

It turned out to be the best idea ever. Having not seen them over Christmas proper, we had gifts for Nick and his girlfriend, but we got tokens for the rest of the family (just so's everyone had something to open). There was a tree up, mulled wine (produced from two slo-cookers by myself and the famous FIL), and a full on roast turkey dinner. It was the coolest thing ever, everyone loved it.

My gift from my fabulous P was a ball of wool - often I have said I have the best husband ever, see how thoughtful he is (and how he foolishly feeds my addiction). Fortunately for him, he picked a ball in a colour he actually liked and would wear, so I knat him a hat. It's a simple 2/2 rib over 120 stitches on 5mm DPNs (P has a head like a small planet). I was delighted with how the self striping yarn worked out - I've called it the Tiger Hat as it's vaguely tiger striped. Yet to try it on P (in the picture it is modelled by the lovely me), hopefully it'll fit and keep his head warm!

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